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Anne's Family:

Joseph Attura, father (b. Acuto [Frosinone], Italy, 1896-7; d. NYC Feb./12/1931).

Lucy (Guidoni) Attura, mother (b. Acuto [Frosinone], Italy, 1986-7; d. NYC Sept. 10, 1991).

Sylvia Attura, sister (b. Italy, November 1921; d. Arlington VA July 1, 1992)

Azar Attura, nicece, daughter of Sylvia (b. NYC May 14, 1946)

Shirin (Haidari) Robinson, niece, daughter of Sylvia (b. NYC May 16, 1947)

George Attura, brother (b. Acuto [Frosinone], Italy, Feb. 9, 1923-4). Married Irma (Nobilio) Attura. Four children: Clare, Barbara, Joseph & Joan


Henry's Family:

Donato Paolucci, father (b. Colle Sannita [Benevento], Italy, Dec. 6, 1886; d. Rego Park, NYC, Sept. 29, 1965)

Annunziata (Petriella) Paolucci, mother (b. Circello [Benevento], Italy, March 25, 1887; d. Cutchoque, L.I., June 18, 1980).

Lucille (first married LeFevre) Gorton, oldest sister of Henry Paolucci (b. Bronx, NYC, April 25, 1912). Married John Gorton.

One son:  Donald Roger LeFevre (deceased, May 25, 1995).

Louis Paolucci, oldest brother (born Bronx, NYC, July 11, 1913; d: Cutchoque, L.I., NY, April 10 ,1994).

Phyllis Albano, second sister (b. Bronx, NYC, April 1, 1915); Married Sam Albano (deceased 2009)

One son: Joseph, Louis Albano (b. Queens, NYC, March 11, 1956)

Adam Paolucci, second brother (b. Bronx, NYC, Sept. 7, 1916, d. 1998). Married Lucille (Masparo) Pauley.

One son: Matthew Addison Pauley (b. Queens, NYC, October 24, 1959)

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